What makes a great candidate journey? And why is it so important in modern day recruitment? - Procurement People
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What makes a great candidate journey? And why is it so important in modern day recruitment?

In the modern age of a candidate led market place, prospective new hires are aware more than ever that a potential requirement for their skills outstrips supply. This means that the people who have applied and also been submitted by your recruiting partner, know that they can afford to take or simply leave an offer based on an unsatisfying candidate experience they have had at any point during their journey.

Like every journey, the recruitment process has a starting point. This is known as “The point of discovery,” here the prospective new employee will have discovered your role and the company sometimes for the very first time. So at this stage of the journey it is essential to present your role and your brand in the best light.

As recruiters we believe that you must always keep your job advert simple and attention grabbing. The advert must grab the reader’s attention as an individual, rather than reading as a generic one shoe fits all kind of job. It is crucial to place real emphasis on what is attractive about the opportunity, the key challenges, where they can add value and you this a company they should desire to work for, as even though they are looking at your role, why should they leave the company they know and may actually like being part of?

Now at this stage I want to put it out there, that sadly not every candidate who applies or is introduced for the role is going to be spot on, BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL to reinforce your employer image with a positive experience. The biggest frustration reported by candidates is a lack of acknowledgement, even an automated email to acknowledge receipt of application and a polite email if they haven’t been selected for interview goes a long way. For successful candidates, time is the biggest factor and securing their availability for interview early on improves your chances dramatically of securing them and getting a strong buy in to your organisation.

A candidate even if initially rejected for that role might be a good contact for the future or simply better suited for another position within the company. They are certainly an unofficial spokesperson for how you recruit and as we all know people talk and share experiences both positive and negative. Social media has made the world a much more transparent place and someone is only ever a few clicks away from being able to air their frustrations to a captive audience. We have all seen that LinkedIn rant!

Once you have captivated and got the emotional buy in from your successful applicants and shortlist, it is important to book them in for their interview. Communication and meeting deadlines for feedback is crucial, as stated earlier in this article candidates may be interviewing elsewhere and can have their heads and attentions turned to a process which is moving more quickly, to deadline and painting the company in a great light. So in one week you could lose your ideal candidate, purely because you delayed an interview or feedback call by a couple of days. Great candidates as you would expect, don’t stay available for long.

This might sound like a lot of work, but in reality, initially involves setting up a process driven approach that can be re-used again and again with clear and defined timescales. The benefits far outweigh the upfront effort required and will keep your preferred shortlist of candidates interested and also passionate about a role. They may even delay decisions on other offers or turn down other interviews which means that they will more than likely remain involved throughout the process and help prevent any disappointment when it comes to you making them an offer.

Over Procurement People’s 10 year trading history, with many successful placements to our name we can say with some certainty, that recruitment campaigns which end up hitting a few speed bumps along the way, more often than not, it is a poor process and candidate journey which leads to companies not securing their ideal candidates.

Ultimately an excellent candidate Journey will attract better candidates, more quickly and make the entire process more positive and run smoothly for everyone involved, meaning the chosen candidate gets a great journey and you get a great hire.

By Ciaran Price - Consultant