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The Future-fit Recruiter!

I recently attended a training course focused on the future of recruitment and what a good recruiter needs to be doing in an ever changing industry to stay at the forefront of their market. It was a very insightful session which brought up lots of food for thought!

From a large amount of content covered on the day, I came away with a handful of good new ideas. For me this was great because A) I can become better at what I do and B) I must be doing okay if there were only a few new revelations to me!!

One topic that was discussed and which is fairly common knowledge to most is the bad reputation that follows recruitment around which is a major threat to the industry. In my personal opinion, there are a large number of ‘bad’ recruiters out there that give good recruiters a bad name too, which is unjustified.

But at the end of the day it is down to us to change that perception. I like to think that whilst I am not perfect, I do my absolute best and give 100% every day in what I do. I am always looking at ways to improve and how I can add more value to my clients and my candidates so they continue to return to me.

My job can be very demanding, very fast paced and very pressurised and when the chips are down it is a hard and hurtful industry to operate within. The job comes home with you….or at least it does with those that care! You have a bad day or week in recruitment, as a good recruiter, you go home and it is on your mind when you go to bed! It can be very difficult and I think this is a side of recruitment that is not so visible.

But I love my job and I love what I do. Yes the financial rewards are important, but when you get that perfect job for a candidate that is going to change their life, or helping a new client fill a difficult role they have spent several months trying to fill unsuccessfully it can be very self-fulfilling.

AI is continuing to develop at a rapid rate and make no mistake, it is here now! The biggest threat to many industries around the world is computers taking over from humans. But for me, the thought of machines sifting through applications and CV’s and shortlisting down for clients is ridiculous. Okay, quick and efficient, but this is a people industry. It is about building relationships with clients and candidates and matching them together. Not matching keywords in CV’s and job descriptions!

Working for Procurement People we pride ourselves on our reputation and our people skills – as the name suggests! Whilst we follow a robust and thorough process and have developed the number 1 Procurement network in the UK, we are still always striving for ways to improve and add more value to our candidates and clients as we seek to be ‘future-fit recruiters’!

It would be great to hear your experiences on recruiters – positive or negative. What has worked well for you? What hasn’t? What would you like from a ‘future-fit recruiter’ that you struggle to find? As AI becomes more paramount are there any alternatives methods you have explored or used?

By Adam Roughton – Principal Consultant